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Local Media Highlights the Truth on Two Projects

February 28, 2023

With continued public discussion of development plans for downtown Niagara Falls, a series of articles recently appeared in the the Niagara Gazette and the Niagara Falls Reporter, detailing issues surrounding the proposed taking of private property by the City of Niagara Falls for an ill-advised and unfunded park and events center that will supposedly cost the city more than $150 million (indeed, some published reports indicate the actual cost could be twice that).

Click each link below for the article:

December 27, 2022, Niagara GazetteGUEST VIEW: Centennial Park plan has two big problems

January 27, 2023, Niagara Gazette: Centennial Park loan hearing survey results won’t be released

February 28, 2023, Niagara Falls Reporter: Niagara Falls Mayor’s Plans to Kill $1.5 Billion Data Center for ‘Poor Location’ Event Center Facing Opposition

February 20, 2023, Niagara Falls Reporter: Mayor Offered Polluted Land for Data Center

February 15, 2023, Niagara Falls Reporter: Mayor Admits He Selected Parcel “0” to Help Seneca Business Interests; Public Hearing March 13

February 9, 2023, Niagara Falls Reporter: Niagara Falls Mayor’s Quest for Events Center Comes With an Unknown Price Tag; Funding Uncertainty

February 8, 2023, Niagara Falls Reporter: Give Mayor Restaino a Golden Statue But Let NFR Build Data Center

February 3, 2023, Niagara Falls ReporterSzwedo: We Can Have Three — Data Center, Events Center and Park — Instead of Just One

February 2, 2023, Niagara Falls ReporterWhat Came First: the Data Center or Events Center on Parcel 0? Is Someone at City Hall Lying?

January 31, 2023, Niagara Falls ReporterThe Battle Between Restaino and NFR Is on Over 12 Acres of Land– Meet the Combatants

January 30, 2023, Niagara Falls ReporterPat Whelan, Former NGTI Director: Mayor’s Centennial Park Bound to Fail