Jobs & Education

Urbacon will develop the project, which is currently envisioned for the intersections of Rainbow and John Daly Boulevards. The campus will be home to approximately 600,000 square feet of high-security, technologically advanced data-center space, creating state-of-the-art data and IT jobs for area residents. The development will also bring new infrastructure for high-speed broadband access, along with considerable county, local and school board tax revenues that will expand economic opportunity across the region.

Based on projections derived from data in several prominent studies—including by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Technology Engagement Center and the Northern Virginia Technology Council—during construction the Niagara Digital Campus will create more than 5,600 high-paying jobs with more than $250 million in wages, with economic spinoff benefits expected to top more than $810 million. Once operational, the Digital Campus will create more than 550 high-paying permanent jobs, with expected annual wages of nearly $29 million. Total economic benefit from the new facility is expected to exceed $250 million annually, with more than 1,700 permanent jobs created in support and ancillary businesses.

Urbacon has successfully built similar facilities in Montreal, Toronto and Richmond Hill, Ontario. Each project brought tremendous economic benefit to its local community and has received the full support of all levels of government.

Technology Education Center

The campus will also be home to the new Niagara Digital Campus Technology Education Center, where local school groups and other interested members of the community will have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of data engineering and network operations. Future plans include scholarship programs and partnerships with local educational institutions in furtherance of these efforts.