Niagara Digital Campus Technology Education Center

Educating, Training and Supporting Niagara Falls’ Technology Workforce

In conjunction with the $1.48 billion state-of-the-art Niagara Digital Campus data center development in downtown Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls Redevelopment (NFR) and Urbacon will create the Niagara Digital Campus Technology Education Center: an innovative hub for high-tech learning, offering education, training and other programming to area students at all levels in order to facilitate understanding of, and opportunities in, data center operations, cloud computing and related fields.

The Digital Education Center will offer interactive exhibits, educational videos and presentations, computer training, tours and other programming to foster understanding of how data is stored, protected and used in our modern information economy.

In addition to more than 5,600 construction jobs, when completed the Niagara Digital Campus is project to create more than 500 permanent jobs at all skill levels: form computer engineers and technicians, skilled tradespeople in energy and telecommunications (including cutting-edge fiber optics), managers, security and service personnel. From high school graduates to those with advance degrees, the Niagara Digital Campus will offer jobs and opportunity focused on the future.

And the Niagara Digital Campus Technology Education Center will give these students a start: with hands-on learning and experience so that they can participate fully in the modern information economy.

“Most students don’t realize when they stream a video, take a picture or store a document that that data physically lives somewhere—and it needs to be stored securely and accessed quickly in an efficient and environmentally sustainable manner,” Roger Trevino of NFR said. “Through our Technology Education Center, we’re going show area students a side of the tech revolution they don’t know about—but one that will create career-track jobs and economic opportunity for area residents for generations.”

Additional Benefits

In addition, the Niagara Digital Campus Technology Education Center will facilitate the following benefits to Niagara Falls schools and residents:

  • Scholarships: NFR will sponsor scholarships for Niagara Falls students at all levels in information technology and STEM-related fields, with a focus on networking, data storage and operations.
  • Broadband Access: High-speed broadband will be flowing right into the heart of the city for data center tenants– this enhances broadband be available for areas schools and other in the community as well—at subsidized rates for educational institutions in the City.
  • Technology Speakers Bureau: With broad connections in technology and related fields, NFR will sponsor speakers and programs at area schools to provide insider knowledge on career opportunities for students at all levels.
  • Partnerships: NFR will foster partnerships with colleges and university in Western New York—including the State University of New York at Buffalo, Niagara University and others—to develop programs and training for Niagara Falls students in networking, information technology and data center management.

We need your support to make the Niagara Digital Campus a reality! Working together, we have an opportunity to bring high-tech jobs and career-track opportunity to students at Niagara Falls school – in a manner that will not only prepare them for a job, but that will foster generational change for all members of the Niagara Falls community.

For more information, contact Roger Trevino at (716) 282-0001, or info@